Our Values

House of Steed members both past and present seek fulfillment as descendants of Adam in all four facets of the human experience. We espouse a lifestyle and value set that is built on the first 3 chapters of the Hebrew book of Bereshith (Genesis).



We seek to surround ourselves with the natural world of plants and animals. We believe it is our job to care for creation and that we should not destroy or pollute it.. We work to produce our own food from the soil as much as possible. We eat fruits vegetables, seeds and grains predominantly, believing that good physical health is produced from good food, exercise, clean air and water, sunshine and rest. This last element, rest, we believe is a much overlooked one in modern life - we choose to follow the pattern of our Creator and rest every seventh day. In Hebrew this is know as Shabbat and falls on the seventh day of the week.


While we pursue a simple life, we seek mental stimulation from learning, but do not support the modern schooling system, rather we seek to educate our own children at home, encouraging exploratory thought processes. We do not believe that learning should cease - but that all ages should pursue understanding and wisdom.

In gardening we recognize that the Creator did not only plant trees for food in the garden of Eden, but also those which were pleasant to the sight - so we surround ourselves with the natural beauty of a garden, seeing flowers as food for the soul!


We believe that we are created beings - hence we recognize that there is an all powerful and wise Creator that we can pursue a personal relationship with. We also regard our Creator as our Lawmaker and hence view obedience as the critical aspect of this relationship. We look to the Hebrew Scriptures, believing them to be His instructions, to find guidance for all aspects of our lives.


We recognize that we are not alone. A harmonious relationship with our fellow humans is critical to a peaceful life. We seek to follow the guidance of Scripture and to "love our neighbour as ourselves" or to "do unto others as we would have them do to us." We recognize the need for government, but believe that governments should provide moral leadership to their people and protect people's right to life and land rather than being oppressive and giving license to evil, as we see happening in the world today.


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