Writings of John D Steed

Between 1993 and 2000 John Steed was publisher of a newsletter called "The Shofar," it was distributed internationally amongst members of the Netzarim movement. Presented here is a selection of articles written for that Newsletter by John Steed. They are all in PDF format, so they can easily be saved for offline reading.
Article snapshot

The Narrow Way A short study on the two paths we can choose in life.
Is all Scripture Equal? A study that explores the question "is all Scripture equal?" - should we place the same value on all texts?
Crumbs! Should we eat spiritual "dog food" or seek the crumbs from our masters table?
The Covenants of YHWH An exploration of the many covenants that the Creator has made with His people.
What is "Sin?" Are all sins the same? Are some more serious than others? The answer may surprise you!
Elohim What is the meaning of the Hebrew word "elohim?"
The Coming Siege of Jerusalem Prophecy predicts a future siege of the city of Jerusalem, what will cause this to occur and what will it mean for humanity?
Who is a "Terrorist?" Have you ever thought of Moses as a being a terrorist? Who one considers a terrorist often depends on one's standpoint.
Nephilim A brief investigation of the forgotten time when giants walked this planet.
The Book of Enoch The first 16 chapters of this ancient book which tells the story of the Nephilim.
Torah Lesson 1 The first of a two part series explaining how to study the Torah.
Torah Lesson 2 The second of a two part series explaining how to study the Torah.

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