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Spiritual Writings of the late
Dr Prince Frederick John Steed
1922 - 2007

The following is a limited collection of the spiritual articles written by Frederick. Having been brought up in a Seventh Day Adventist home, Frederick studied Theology at Avondale Collage in his younger years. After reading the writings of Victor Houteff in the 1950's, he came into conflict with the SDA Church. He then pursued an independent ministry, studying, writing and teaching, first under the name of "Calendar Research Organisation - International" and later "Lifestream International."  His writings focused primarily on the scriptural issues of time and prophecy - though he did at times write on other subjects.  He remained a strong believer in the truth of the Hebrew Scriptures and an observer of the 7th day Sabbath, all his life.


These articles are all in "pdf" format and require Adobe Reader or similar program to open them.

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